2nd June 2017

The annual Brecon Camp which was held over the May Bank Holiday weekend (26-29), was an event much looked forward to and the quality of programme did not disappoint. Everyone enjoyed the worship and fellowship, where old friendships were rekindled and new friendships forged. Warm welcomes greeted attendees as they arrived with everyone offering to help pitch tents and do any necessary work so that everyone was ready to meet and welcome the Sabbath at sunset.

Friday evening's service was the start of Pastor Dan Dachin's inspiring sermons on the theme 'Ordinary People, Extraordinary Faith' based on various biblical characters. The music, songs and singing were also uplifting.

Sunday, after morning worship, people did various activities. Some went to Snapseed1see the waterfalls near Talybont, others went for walks ‒ even walking up the mountains, others went for afternoon tea in Brecon or to the mountain centre. Some just stayed at the campsite greeting day visitors who had travelled from far places such as Cornwall, Devon and Leamington Spa just to meet up with friends and be part of the camp for the day.

After Sunday evening worship, campers were treated to an impromptu 'talent show' which involved various activities such as tricks, short sketches and music. It was a great family Snapseed4fun evening enjoyed by all.

Welsh Mission President, Pastor Emanuel Bran and his team did an impressive job in the organisation of a great camp which included his inspiring talks.

We now look forward to next year's Brecon CampSnapseed2.

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[Diana Butler]

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