BUC Education Day 'Increasing in Learning' ‒ Welsh Mission

19th October 2018

On Sabbath 29 September 2018 the Welsh Mission was truly blessed as they hosted the British Union Conference (BUC) Education Day at Hafren Junior School in Newtown.  

This special programme, was led by the Education director Kathleen Hanson, who started the day by speaking about 'The Gift that is Adventist Education', and leading on to talk about true education and how we can 'Increase our Learning' (Proverbs 1:5). Lifelong learning for all is a BUC strategy which underpinned the day which was supported by members from across the British Isles and participants received certificates including the children whose copies readdownload-5-002 'I am a Great Learner'.  

The aim of the day was to bring the resources of the BUC Education department together to inform both the state schools, private schools, home educated children and those leaving education for their chosen careers. It was also a chance to showcase the resources that are available to the membership.  

Seth Allen (a young entrepreneur and himself a product of Adventist Education) gave a very thought-provoking message, engaging the members with his interactive style and giving insight into the theme: Creative God; Innovative Gospel.  

In the afternoon the attention of those present was absorbed with the informative session presented by Dr Brighton Kavaloh as he dealt with the topic, Education & The Law. He was able to share how the law is impacting the education system in Great Britain, which was especially relevant for those present. Many took the opportunity to follow-up with questions after the presentation, in a bid to know and understand more.  

A final presentation was given by Snowdon Reid, reminding us how important it is to 'Know our talents and develop our gifts'. Our attention was directed to the future profession of our children, where he shared alternative pathways into worthwhile and rewarding careers. Snowdon focused on the opportunities available for our young people to consider practical, hands-on skills download-3-002that can be obtained through colleges and apprenticeships, just to mention a few. Adults and children alike were fascinated by the 'bionic ear' and the 'robot' that were on display, demonstrating the great potential of what can be achieved through the technical/vocational route.  

If a survey was to be done among our members to find out what are the most important things in this life you would see education near the top of the list. The level of information presented was excellent ‒ one day was not enough.download-4-002 

Kathleen Hanson said it was a privilege for her and the team to have received the invitation by Pastor Jeremy Johnson and that it was a blessing to have had the opportunity to plan this day with the Education sponsor (Eileen McKenzie). "We were very appreciative of the warm welcome, wonderful fellowship and excellent organisation that facilitated the presentations" she said.  Pastor Emanuel Bran (President of the Welsh Mission) concurred that indeed, he hoped this would be the first of many programmes such as this. It was truly a holistic and wonderful day.

[Eileen McKenzie, Welsh Mission Education Sponsor ]

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