Jennifer Rowell and Helen Toney giving out hot cross buns outside Morrisons

28th March 2016

After an initial meeting between Women’s Ministries and Morrison's Store Manager, church members in Hereford were able to meet during Easter week at their local supermarket and hand out FREE hot cross buns which were generously donated by Morrison's – all 200 of them! The napkins used were pre-printed with a question: 'Why is there a cross on a hot cross bun?' and then a Biblical answer followed. The busy shoppers couldn’t believe they were FREE and some people offered to make donations. Many thought this was a wonderful idea and some interesting conversations took place. The primary aim of performing this kindly Christian act was simply to lift the name of Jesus and remind the recipients that without Christ there would be no hot cross buns and no Easter.

We are told in James 2: 26 that, ‘Faith without works is dead’ – and surely a dead faith is worse than no faith at all. What a privilege it was to partake in this easy form of outreach and be able to raise our Saviour’s name, this Easter.

[Jennifer Rowell ]

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